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The History of Art and the Development of Mosaics

Several thousand years ago, men started to recognize certain patterns in the things they did on a daily basis. For example, they were listening to the bow and arrow flying through the air and they were trying to imitate that sound. There is also an example where their spears would collide and thus produce a certain rhythmic sound. You may have guessed so far that that is the way music was created at first. Men were imitating sounds they heard in nature, and the result today is rather magnificent – just look at how many different music genres exist nowadays. It is the same with other forms of art. You have probably seen those pictures of first paintings that were made in a cave – paintings of several oxen. It is now famous worldwide and it is considered the first form of this kind of art. Men were also, at first, trying different ways to represent nature and things that surrounded them. It is also rather amazing to see how much art upgraded. There are many people who added something new to art, and, thanks to them, we are almost always surrounded by it, and able to enjoy it. However, there is a special kind of art that people call mosaics. I assume that the first mosaic was made when the prehistoric man gathered several different stones and arranged them in certain order. The first mosaics were made out of stone before other materials were used for the arrangement. Mosaics are actually the topic of our discussion. However, I am not going to talk about ordinary and boring mosaics, but rather about some new ways of making those mosaics, and how can it be applied as a way of decorating the inside your home.

The art of mosaics is expanding rapidly nowadays, be prepared!

As the title suggests, the mosaic has become quite popular recently. I mean, it was popular always, but these new methods have been practiced lately, and every day more and more people are buying mosaics. Furthermore, those people who do, do not buy them only to see them as a form of art but rather as something that would serve as decoration in their homes and gardens. Mosaics that many people have installed in their homes lately are made no more no less, but with tiles. Certain bathrooms have these kinds of colorful tiles which form different kinds of figures, and that is something that these mosaics should look like, except the fact that they look way more awesome. First of all, let's take into account that the tiles nowadays have different shapes and many different colors, and most important of all, they are made of different materials. The material of tiles is most crucial for the further development of mosaics, so if you ever decide to have one, have that in mind. There are several important materials which I am going to write about, as a kind of a guide for you, if you cannot make up your mind. Of course, for further information you will have to Google a bit more since I am no expert on this matter, but I do have some experience.

Mosaics made of tiles which are made of glass

This is possible, indeed. I was walking through the mall the other day when I bumped into one – literally bumped into. It was placed temporarily beside the stairway, and it was pretty transparent. But when I took a few steps backwards I saw a beautiful postmodern mosaic which so perfectly fitted into the environment that I praised whoever placed it there. Mosaics made of glass tiles are not only transparent but also very shiny. If you point any kind of light towards it, it will shine with a very pleasing light, or rather, reflect that light in a very pleasing way. This kind of mosaic fits perfectly in white rooms where there is a lot of light. It can also be included in rooms with no light, just watch not to bump into it as I did. But the most important thing that glass mosaics can bring you is serenity. It will make you somehow forget about all the troubles that you had in the past few days, just by looking at it. I have put my glass mosaic by the fireplace in order to emphasize the importance of it, by looking at the fire through it.

Stainless steel mosaics will make your head spin

Stainless Steel Splashback

Considering the light the mosaics give away, those made of stainless steel tiles certainly do reflect it. However, if you place them in a room with no sunlight, they are usually quite dark and rather cold, but that does not make them bad. Moreover, these kind of mosaics are really stylish and they can fit everywhere. My neighbour had one pattern installed in his backyard, and he says that it somehow fulfils his world when he is making barbecue on Sundays with his family. Stainless steel lasts for ages, it can even serve as protection. But do not use it in that way, it is primarily for decoration. The best thing about this material is that it does not require cleaning at all. Well, maybe you should devote five minutes in a few months time and clean it with  a dry cloth, but that is it. No further work is required, when it comes to cleaning.

Ceramic tiles and the things you know about them

You all probably have ceramic tiles in your bathroom, so there is not much I can say here, except that you can make even more magnificent mosaics than those you saw. Ceramic tiles need not be one coloured or square, and the possibilities are infinite. They are, as you know, fragile. So, If you put them in some other areas instead in your bathroom you should be careful.
To sum up, mosaic is an old kind of art, and it becomes very popular from time to time. This is the time when new ideas are introduced to this kind of art, and many people opt to have one in their home. Should you decide to have one, consult this article as well as the internet about the further division of materials out of which these mosaics are made of, if you want to of course.

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