Friday, 1 November 2013

Are you bored with your home?

Ok, so you bought a house or an apartment and you have been living there for a couple of years. You and your family like the location because the neighborhood is good, the schools are good and it is overall a nice place to live in. But the problem is you got a little bored with your home. The same old look is really getting you down and you want to do something with it, but what? Where do you get the money for redecorating? How do you do it in such a way that you do not influence and unnecessarily complicate the lives of the household residents?
Well, for each one of these questions there is an answer. You just have to play it smart and do some quality planning. Giving your home a breath of fresh air isn't all that big of a deal – as you might think. Being creative and changing just a few things can change your home’s look significantly. I’ll give you some tips on how you can achieve this without too much hustle. Keep in mind that these aren't the only solutions and these tips are here to get your mind going in the right direction.

Cleaning up!
OK, so at this point you’re laughing. Here you are looking for tips on redecorating your home and I’m telling you to clean up. Look at it this way, there are a lot of things that we leave lying around the house that we don’t need but we still keep them just in case. Also, if you have decorated without a plan when you first moved in, you might have a lot of excess decorative elements we can easily label as clutter. Sometimes when it comes to decoration, less is more.
Fresh paint can easily and inexpensively breathe in new life to your boring rooms. Find the colors that suit your needs and the mood of the rooms in question. You can also use more vibrant colors to highlight a certain part of the room that you want to be the main decorative focus.
Playing with light
Not many people realize that light is a decorative element. Just opening the curtains can sometimes change the look of the entire room. In order to manipulate with light you will need to introduce some new elements into your home. In order to reflect light you can use mirrors that are positioned in proper places.
Another way to do this is to decorate a crucial wall with glass mosaic tiles. The expense of doing this isn't all that big, since you are just tiling a single wall, not the entire room. The fact that these tiles come in a variety of patterns and colors will help you adapt them to the general style used to decorate the room. The tiles will provide your room with more discrete, colored lighting that will create a meditative environment for you to enjoy.

DIY and Green solutions
If you find yourself unable to financially spring for new decorations and new furniture, you can do a bit of research and find DIY tips on how to use old stuff and transform it into new decorations. There are really tons of websites with great ideas out there and you will definitely find something to suit your needs and personal style. DIY solutions mean that you are, to some extent, going green. Putting old stuff to new use is the basis of recycling. Refurbishing and repainting your old chairs and furniture will leave you and your guests with the impression that you have bought new furniture. Things that can’t be brought back to serve their original purpose can be used as the material for your new DIY projects.
Introducing green elements is a very good idea since along with decorating you will improve your living standards. Plants, wooden elements, stone elements; they will all create an illusion of being outside while you are actually sitting in your apartment’s living room on the 8th floor of your building. You will get a sense of space and nature which is always good, since it reduces stress and helps with creating a better mood.

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