Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Due to all the stress that we are forced to suffer from every day, since, let’s face it, life is hard, we have to have a, sort of, “safe haven”, where we can just sit down and relax. For some people, it is their favourite bar or coffee house, and for others, it is something outdoors. Opinions and tastes differ on the matter, logically, but I think that, if you organise your life so that your home is your sanctuary, then you are in the clear. Many recent studies have shown that  a beautiful, functional and adequate home design is something that every person should have, because most people spend a lot of time at home, and if they satisfied with how it looks, when they sit in their comfortable place, they are able to cope with everything that crosses their path with more ease, and thus with more success. You can agree that, when you put it that way, it is wise to invest in your home, because it will benefit you in many ways.

Now, when you have a busy schedule, you come back from work late, and you just stuff your face in your pillow and go to sleep, without taking care of your home, and, as we all know, every home needs to be taken care of very much. The design itself is something individual. Some people like futuristic looking flats with a lot of light, while others like the traditional looking home, where everything is made of wood. Some like very minimalistic designs, while others like for everything to be very flashy and glamorous. The only advice that I can give you, considering this issue, of course, is to explore as much options as possible and to plan your budget accordingly.

When it comes to functionality, there are loads of things that you should look into, before you even consider moving in. You should examine the whole structure of the object (if it is a building, than you can simply ask around the neighborhood  and you will get your answers) and, if it is a house, then make sure that it was built properly, if everything related to plumbing and electrical installations was done properly, and so on and so forth. Even if you are purchasing a flat, you should look all this, because, you can never be to certain, can you? There are experts in this field, and you should consult them on the matter, so that you don’t end up having to spend loads of money to renovate an entire wall, because it got wet or paying the electrician a fortune so that he fixes all the problems.

Let’s say that the construction of your living premises is done properly, and that you have made it be your little nest. Now it is time to keep it clean and beautiful. Apart from the standard household chores like dusting, vacuuming and watering the plants, you have to pay great attention to the maintenance of two very problematic rooms. I am talking about the kitchen and the bathroom, which are supposed to be the cleanest places in your home, for obvious reasons.

The things that we usually do in these two rooms can be rather messy and, apart from this, both of them are very humid, and walls have to be covered with tiles, so that they are kept safe from water and all the bad things that it does to any wall. Most people go for the simplest of tile patterns, and these places, simply look rather depressing. Nowadays, you have a whole industry of tile making, and you have tiles made out of loads of materials. The part that is most fun about that is the fact that you have loads of interesting tile designs available for purchase, some of which are organised to make a very excellent looking mosaic tile construction. Particularly in the kitchen, where you will cook all sorts of meals that can splash on to your wall and damage it permanently, you have to make sure that your kitchen backsplash is easy to clean and almost impossible to stain. You can also make the design of this to be very interesting and cool. Furthermore, you should make sure that the process of tile installation is done by a professional, so that you don’t have to worry about all the possible consequences that can happen.

In conclusion, I think that it is not necessary to elaborate on the subject of why you should make your home be you place of peace and quiet, where you look forward to return to every day. Not only will it be beneficial for you, your health and your business, whatever it is, but it will also contribute to improving the relations that you have in within your household. So, I will end by saying that a clean home is very much a happy home.

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