Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pragmatism and Something Else

Everything can be practically applied to something/somewhere/somehow. Human ingenuity is limitless when it comes to that. Oh, well, it’s limitless in general, not just in that part. That little fact is simply amazing, no doubt about it. It is not rare for any of us to be surprised by ourselves when we realize how well we can think of thousands of ways to use something. These ideas can sometimes be as dumb as possible, almost to the level of a retarded person, but sometimes they can be at the level of a genius. When you do something so smart, you feel like you are Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci all in one... Or that can simply be the ego... Definitely the ego...

But I am not here to talk about the obvious, it is the way it is, no need to debate about it. What’s important are all those ways to apply something. It’s very important because most of us are simple people, living normal lives, doing day to day chores and other things that regular people do. But I am not being very clear, now am I? What I want to talk about are all the ways you could set up and decorate your home, because that really is one of the important things for us regular people. And since human ingenuity is practically limitless and often full of dumb ideas, it can’t hurt to limit it to several good ones. At least I hope they will be good. I may be very smart but I’m not a genius! There goes that ego again, I should tone it down or something... But I’m still a smart person...

So many ways to do this, I may be over my head here, but it’s ok. One thing is certain about this arranging the things in your house and similar. Everything you can put on walls, put it. This is not the part about decorating but the part about pragmatism. It can include decoration of course, when it comes to decorating your wall with art and alike, but the rest is not. When I say the rest, what do I actually mean by “the rest”? I’m referring here to shelves of course. It is best to have as many of those. They can be used for books, for some pretty little statuettes and pictures, for all kinds of things. They can be a bit ugly, the shelves I mean, but that can be taken care of too – a paint job or you simply go out and buy some good-looking shelves – it’s rather simple actually. Those that you use for books, don’t really need to be pretty, the books cover that part, if you have them; if you don’t, get them, and start reading! It’s important to read books, for your vocabulary and for your overall knowledge. But if you really don’t want to do that, I guess you can get them just for show, to have a whole wall covered with shelves filled with books. It will make you seem like a very smart person, I guess.

Another good thing besides shelves, are wardrobes (not as much as they are for women). Not discriminating or anything, but women do have more clothing than man, it’s just the way it is. Thus, women need more room. But besides these, simple cabinets for the kitchen are important also. Don’t forget to have enough of them, because you don’t want to have to keep all your dishes on shelves, do you? That’s just bad taste and lack of ingenuity.

Talking about the kitchen decoration and functionality reminded me, it is partly connected to being practical as much as it has to do with decoration. I’m referring to tiles, and not just any tiles, because regular tiles are nothing special, they are as boring as much as they lack in creativity. These are different kind of tiles, these are mosaic tiles. Yes! It’s like I’m announcing a big winner of some enormous amount of prize money. Well, we have to be a bit theatrical or everything will get boring. Anyway, the tiles, the mosaic ones, all have some interesting patterns, if not, they are in different colors, they come in different materials, etc. The combinations are endless! It’s impossible not to find something that will suit you and the interior of your home.

From your regular types of tiles that everyone has somewhere in the house, bathroom or kitchen, to tiles made of sea shells, you can find anything you need. And that, of course, is best done online. Browse the net to find exactly what you need. There is nothing simpler than that. But I’m still going to tell you about some of them, just to get you started. For example get some tiles of stainless steel. Steel has a modern look to it, and plus it’s stainless so you won’t have to worry about them getting the rust and going all ugly on your house. Plus the mosaic patterns are wonderful, they fulfill that modern look for which you have to be going if you are getting these types. On the other hand, you can get some glass or a mixture of glass and metal tiles for a more regular kind of approach, not really the opposite of modern, but it does the trick. When you get mosaic tiles, you really can’t get any kind of retro and old look. Unless you get some wood tiles for example, or even some made of aluminium or copper, both mosaic, but with very little patterns, and you’ll certainly get that older look if you are aiming for that one.

All in all, you have many types and kinds, with simple or complex patterns, and much more, so in essence, you’ll always find what you are looking for.

I don’t really have anything else to tell you, nothing comes to mind right now, and I have told you enough to get you going. Like I said previously, it is about human ingenuity, human in general, not just mine.

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