Friday, 12 April 2013

Keep Calm and Decorate your Home with Mosaic Made of Tiles

People live fast in the 21st century. We eat fast food and junk food, we sleep very little and everything we do, we do rapidly. Before we reach our forties, we are very much in pain, and not just physical, but mental as well. Our bodies are designed to live in a slower pace of life, because technology made it move fast and we cannot keep up with it. However, the thing we should definitely do in order to avoid all the stress caused by living fast, is to find and do something that will bring balance to our life. And I do not mean to do that for a living, but rather as a hobby. There are many things you can and you probably already do, such as fishing, cooking or even playing football with your friends. However, I want to talk about doing something that has a calming effect as well as artistic value. I want to talk about home decoration. Home decoration is one of the greatest things to relieve stress. But that is just one of many aspects that decorating your home brings to your soul. But, there is a more specific way of home decoration, which you have maybe heard of, and that is with a mosaic – and not just an ordinary one, but one made of tiles. Tiles? Yes, it actually can be done, and the results are rather enchanting.

A word or two about this unusual art

Well, it seems unusual when I write about it, but you have probably seen this kind of works somewhere. For example, this technique is used and has been used for a long time in all sorts of public venues, but the most important ones you have probably seen in someone's bathroom. That's right, people have their bathrooms redesigned with tiles. They are placed in such a way that they make a mosaic. But, most of these mosaics in bathrooms are not purely for decoration but rather for protection, and therefore, people do not pay much attention to the looks of it. When I had my tiles put in the bathrooms, workmen had done it all wrong, and he had put all the tiles upside down not knowing that they are supposed to form a mosaic. Therefore, I decided to do something more with this kind of art and I did a little bit of researching on the internet, and found out a very surprising fact. Our tiles need not be placed only in our bathrooms, they can also be placed in other rooms in our house, even in our garden. When I saw the pictures, it seemed so... normal. People have found different ways to make the tiles fit in the environment. The colors and shapes of tiles were perfect on those pictures, as if they were shaped by Michelangelo himself. I wondered for many days how can a piece of ceramic be shaped and yet stable like that? And then, after doing a little bit of deeper research I found out that there are actually many different types of tiles, and when I say different I mean different materials out of which those tiles are made. Let me tell you a word or two about these materials, since that is the most important division in this type of art.

Stainless steel tiles to decorate your living room

Stainless steel tiles can be described as rather stylish and modern. Their color can vary, but it is usually grey, because steel is usually grey itself. But no matter the color, what you can get from stainless steel is the quality of endurance. Steel lasts for ages, and therefore, your mosaic made of this type of tiles will last for as long as you want it to last. The name itself suggests that this kind of steel does not bow to the passage of time, and it literally cannot rust. Of course, there are things that you should keep stainless steel away from, such as acidic food. This type of food may seriously damage the steel by leaving a stain that cannot be removed. Considering the matter of decoration, stainless steel can be added to almost every room, but the living room is the best place for it. It simply melts down with the technology that is usually found in the living room, such as TVs, stereos, recorders, etc. No matter where you put the mosaic made of stainless steel, I can guarantee you that it will fit perfectly.

I'm looking at you through the glass... mosaics made of glass

When I mentioned glass, you probably thought to yourself that this kind of mosaic is fragile and breakable. Well, you are wrong. Although they are not as durable as stainless steel, these tiles are certainly stronger than the glass on your on your windows. Their best feature is the reflection they provide when there is not enough light in the room. That reflection is not blinding, furthermore, it has a pretty calming effects, both for your eyes and your brain. The best place to put glass tiles mosaic is definitely the bedroom, because the morning sun reflects best upon these tiles, thus providing you with that „morning“ feeling of rest so that you feel as you are full of life. But then again, glass mosaics need a little bit of cleaning. If you devote five minutes a month to clean stainless steel mosaics, this kind will take you twice as much, which is not too much, when you look at it objectively.

To sum up, taking a hobby or doing what you love can literally save your life. You should slow the pace of life down by doing what you love. There are things that can both calm your nerves and make the world that surrounds you a more beautiful place. For example, home decoration is one of them, and finding new ways of decoration is the best way to decorate your home. I wholeheartedly recommend that you should try this kind of art – mosaic tiles.

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