Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mosaic up your Apartment!

You probably get bored with the home you live in from time to time and you feel that something should be changed in order to feel more comfortable and to enhance the environment itself. There are companies which take care of all the things related to home design and individuals are leaving all the work up to them. Those companies repeat the same pattern over and over again, and what you get is many houses with similar, or, even, the same design. 

But, you can take your time and plan the design by yourself. There are several ways to decorate your home without being accused of stealing someone’s idea. With modern art, all kinds of structures, forms and buildings are made out of different materials only for the purpose of fitting among other objects in the house. For example, people would choose a blue post-modernistic painting for their living-room, only because its colour fits the environment, and they wouldn't even understand the painting’s artistic value and meaning. Beauty is overrated nowadays and some are willing to pay for a simple work of art a big amount of money, if it satisfies their taste. Home design has reached its peak. But, I think that the best way to make your house look beautiful is to combine “dulce cum utili” (comfortable and useful). For such purposes, you can, for example use, tiles in your bathroom and make a mosaic out of it.

            Mosaic is a timeless art. Pictures made of small pieces of stone decorated all kinds of rooms throughout history, such as Roman baths, Christian basilicas and churches, medieval castles etc. Certain artists have dedicated their whole life studying and creating mosaic pictures. Nowadays, however, coloured stones are often replaced with different materials in the tiling process. Their primary purpose has shifted from protection to decoration. Tiles in the bathrooms or kitchens protect walls from different influences among which is, for example humidity. Yet, more and more people are having their bathrooms and kitchens decorated with not just ordinary, single-coloured tiles but with ones that form certain figures or even pictures. Furthermore, the fashion suggests that tiles can also decorate living-rooms or even bedrooms without being seen as pap. Of course, ceramic tiles are also no longer a standard and glass or stainless steel ones are growing in popularity.

            Glass tiles are easier to clean and are far easier and economic to produce. Their production takes up only half the energy needed for the production of the ceramic ones. Beautiful and sophisticated figures can be made out of glass tiles anywhere in your home. Not only are they very appealing to our eyes, but are also very durable, although your first thought was probably that they’ll easily break, simply because glass is in question. I recommend them for the pool, since their transparency produces certain effect of tranquility while you are in there.
            However, there are also stainless steel tiles which are even more economical. They are the most flexible kind of tiles and you are able to express your creativity by choosing from a big variety of designs or even creating your own patterns. If you want your home to have a certain modernistic look, stainless steel tiles are the things you need. As the name suggests, it is not possible to stain this kind of steel, and it keeps it primary shine for a long time – forever, might I add.

            Sometimes these two kinds of material can be mixed to produce even more interesting mosaics which will make your place look more stylish and more vividly entertaining. Both glass and stainless steel reflect sunshine, thus placing a mosaic made out of this combination in your garden would be a good and original idea.

           To conclude, people nowadays use tiles which are made out of different materials and create a fashion out of it. They can find every possible spot in the house fit for this kind of art, and if they’re creative enough, they will make extremely beautiful and vivid mosaics with tiles. Although they are still used for protection, tiles are used nowadays primary in fashion purposes. Placing tiles and creating forms out of it became practiced to such an extent that it can be considered an art on its own – the art of mosaic tiles.


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