Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kitchen Functionality

There is this widely spread misconception that you shouldn't pay that much attention to your kitchen design, and that you should focus more on what to do in your living room or bedroom, because you don’t spend that much time in the kitchen. But, really, is that so? We all have to eat, and most of us prepare our own meals. Now, the occasional sandwich takes about 5 minutes to prepare (10 minutes, but only if you are making the best sandwich ever). But, when you are preparing a complicated meal for your family, or for some guests, you might end up spending hours in the kitchen, and, in reality, these types of situations are not that uncommon. Actually, they are very frequent, come to think about it.

If a kitchen is plain, uninteresting and dull, the meals that you make will not be as good as they can be, because you will be very anxious, and you will want to get out of there as soon as you can, so you will rush through the cooking process, and, chances are that your meal will end up in a trashcan, because not even you can eat it, let alone someone else. Another very important fact is hygiene. “You are what you eat”. You have probably heard this sentence uttered a million times by different people. I think that this means that, if you eat bad and unhealthy food, you will end up with some sort of disease, and your overall health will deteriorate.

Everything mentioned above contributes to the fact that your kitchen should be well designed and well organized. Read the following pieces of advice to get a better insight on the matter.

1      Equipment
Kitchen gadgets are very important for a kitchen’s functionality, and the quality of this equipment is essential. So, when you are purchasing ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and so on, make sure to spend a little more cash on advanced technology, because this move will save you money in the long term. Old fashioned kitchen equipment tends to use up a lot of energy and people that have them make a sad looking face every time the electricity bill comes to their doorstep. This will not happen with new age equipment, since it is built to save up energy. Another plus is the fact that these devices will look after your food better, and thus they will keep it healthy for a longer period of time.

2      Backsplash
Everyone knows that cooking can be messy. Oils, food, water, and other materials just splash around the place when you are cooking, and it will always be like this. Apart from your own self, the most important things to protect from these splashes are the surrounding walls. The stains that might appear on wall surfaces can prove to be impossible to clean. That is the main reason a kitchen backsplash is introduced. This is actually a form of tilling (just like in the bathroom), and, in this writer’s opinion, the best thing for you to go for are glass tiles, coloured in numerous colours and aligned to form a mosaic looking construction. Glass is easy to clean and thus perfect for this situation. Apart from protecting the wall from oil and food stains, it protects the wall from humidity (again, just like in the bathroom).

As far as other things are concerned (the colour of walls, the cupboards, the working surface, and the whole organisation process), I cannot advise you on anything, because everyone has a peculiar taste. I can only say that you should make the things that you put in your kitchen work for you and not the other way ‘round. Check out some of those cooking shows, see how these people organised their kitchen, remember that they are professionals who know what they are doing, and try to use their ideas in your own way, to make your perfect kitchen.

To sum up, each room in your home should be designed to suit your needs and your taste. People are aware of this, but there are numerous cases where the living room is contemporary and very tastefully designed, but, when you walk into the kitchen, you can see a colony of ants finding their way round the premises. This is something that should not happen, AT ALL, so make sure to at least dwell on the advice that I have given you in this article. I assure you, it can only do you good.

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