Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Rainbow in your Home – Glass Mosaic Tiling

Having proper lighting in your home is very important. As we all know, life, as it exists today is very hard, and we have to be awake for at least 16 hours every single day, just so that we can manage to do everything that has to be done, and in some cases, that is not enough. Now, it is a fact that humans are not nocturnal beings and we cannot function at night as well as we function during daytime, so this is the main reason why you need artificial lighting. The other reason is so that you can find your way around the house, and, last but not least, everything is much prettier that way.

In this article I am not going to talk about a conventional way of lighting. Actually, I am not going to talk about lighting in the most obvious sense of the word. Bear with me a bit and you will understand what I am saying.

Tilling is a process that is widely known to be done in bathrooms and kitchens, where you use tiles so that you can protect the wall from all sorts of bad things that will happen to it due to water spills and leaks (in the bathroom) and various oil and food stains (in the kitchen). But, who says that you cannot have a tile construction in other rooms as well, particularly if you use glass tiles. You may wonder why I have chosen glass tiles in particular for this article, and there are two reasons.

1      Glass can be edited, shaped and colored in infinite ways.
2      Glass reflects light excellently.

With these two things in mind, imagine the following picture: There is a glass tile construction in your living room and it is ordered so that it is in the form of a rainbow and coloured in the colours of the rainbow. It stretches throughout the entire room, from side to side, and when, at night, you turn on a lamp, so that you can read a report that you have written and that is due tomorrow, it will sparkle and shine and add life to the interior, thus making you feel more calm and satisfied, and helping you deal with whatever it is you have to do with more ease.

Some might get confused with why I have used the term “mosaic” in the title. Well, every tile construction is a mosaic, in a way. Since a mosaic is an art form where the artist uses small pieces of material, and he or she aligns them and combines them, so that they form a bigger image, one might say that tiling is, in fact, mosaic making in its essence. Now, we all know that it is always good to have art in a closed environment, just because it makes the place look better, and feel better to whoever is inside and a mosaic tile construction may be just the thing that you were looking for.

At this point, you may even consider redesigning your bathroom and kitchen splash-back. But make sure that you do the things one at a time, so as not to make a lot of mess. You can try and perform the installation process yourself, but I must say that that is highly inadvisable. Any tile should be installed by a professional, because loads of things can go wrong, and if you don’t tend to them properly, the outcome can be catastrophic, and instead of beautifying your home, you will spend a lot of money repairing the damages, so that it can, maybe, look as it was before you got into the entire venture in the first place.

To sum up, I would like to say that anything you do in order to make your home a little bit more beautiful is great. There is nothing better than kicking back in your favorite spot and just reminiscing about all the good things that had happened to you up until that moment. Every home should be designed so that it is a reflection of whoever is living in there - at least this is how other people see your home. No one wants to be compared with a plain white wall. 

What do you think?

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