Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Psychological Approach to the Design of Your Home

We always try to say something about ourselves in many different ways. First of all, it is just by talking – we try to be funny, we brag or we just try not to be boring. But there are many non-verbal ways by which we both consciously or subconsciously convey the idea of who we are and what we do. One of them is, for example, body language. You won't believe me when I tell that body language is actually fifty percent of communication. We just need to learn how to read those „signs“ that our body sends, and we will be able to show ourselves in a better light. Another example is how we dress. That is the thing we do consciously. We pick our garments carefully and dress proper to the ways we think and the ways we tend to expose ourselves. For example, people who love rock music will always wear some pieces of clothing that will somehow tell: „Hey, I love Led Zeppelin“, or people who work as lawyers, for example, will wear suit that will say: „Hey, look at me, I am on my way to the courtroom“, and so on... But the thing I want to talk about in this article is actually not connected to dressing yourself, but to decorating your house. After all, your house should best reflect who you are, what you do and what are your attitudes towards certain things.

Our house in the middle of the street

First of all, let's say that you just moved in and that your house is not in order at all. There is furniture all over the place and you need to arrange it. After you have done that, you should consider some “deeper” decoration. The thing I want to focus on in this article in particular is how should we fit mosaic as an art in our home, and what will those mosaics convey about ourselves? But mosaics that I am going to write about are made of tiles, since that has become very popular lately. Tiles can be made out of several different materials. Believe it or not, even the material you choose will tell something different about you. So, I am going to write about mosaics made of glass, stainless steel and stone.

The glowing extrovert

As you may know, glass tiles are transparent and, therefore, they may represent your attitude towards other people. You want other people to know you well and to like you, so you present yourself like an open book and you do not keep any mystery of yourself. But that is not a bad thing at all, it means that you are a communicative person, and you tend to approach people more than they would approach you. Your interesting stories will keep the party going and the jokes you tell are always funny. Therefore, enjoyment and hedonism are things that keep you going. Mosaics made out of glass tend to glow sometimes when there is too much light in the room. That may reflect your emotions. Whenever there is positive emotion you are positive and your sadness and your depression are saved for dark rooms, where you are lonely and cannot glow.

The parted personality

Let’s move on to the mosaics that are made of stainless steel. Steel itself can give an impression that you are a strong person and you cannot be broken easily. It also conveys that you do not fight the battle with time but you go with the flow instead and let time do its job. As a reward you tend to see your life as harmony and peace. If you fit stainless steel mosaic into a room where white color is dominant - this would mean that you are a person who likes domination. This is simply explainable due to the fact that the white color symbolizes innocence whereas stainless steel symbolizes something strong and supreme. Therefore, you like when people subdue to you and when they listen to your orders and your requests. However, if you fit stainless steel mosaic into a room where dark colors are prevailing, that would tell a slightly different story about you. It says that you are a person who likes to be lonely and has little friends. But those friends of his are very close to him and they are always there to help him. It also says that you are kind of person who enjoys staying at home and watching a movie instead of going to parties.

Stone upon stone upon stone upon stone

Stone mosaics, on the other hand, are rather specific. People who prefer this kind of decoration tend to face difficulties in their lives in two ways. One of them is to cut right to the core of the problem and try to solve it, and the other is to stand still and wait for the problem to pass you by. Stone can also say that you are materialist and that you do not believe in God or generally anything that has not been proven by science. You like the smell and the look of money and your career is much more important to you in your life than love, for example. Stone mosaics which are fit into a traditional living-room with a fireplace and wooden furniture say that you are a family person and that people related to you are on the top of your list. But more than that, stone mosaic conveys that you are a person who enjoys nature and finds peace in activities such as fishing, hiking or just spending some time in nature.

To sum up, every person in this world has its own story to tell, but all of them want that story to have many interesting details. Those details can be added by changing yourself or the things around you. When you decide to change the things around you, go to your house and try to rearrange the furniture. I wholeheartedly suggest that you take one of the mosaics that I have presented to you above and try to fit it somewhere as best as you can, thus saying an interesting fact about you – something that no one noticed before.

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