Thursday, 24 January 2013

Garden Design Improvement – Mosaic Tiling

A garden represents man’s connection to nature and the urge to be able to have nature all around your house. However, a garden is not something that you just, simply have. If you don’t tend to it enough it will die out and it will become ugly and depressing. No one wants that to happen, because it is illogical. So, people have, throughout history, done their gardening and some gardens are even considered to be a work of art as a whole. But, in this article I will not write about all these huge, marvelous garden designs, but I will talk about how to make your small, homely garden as beautiful as it can be, using something that is not very conventional for that purpose.

You use tiling in your bathroom and kitchen so that you can protect the wall surface from all the bad things that will happen to it (because of the humidity, or various oil and food splashes). But, because the tiling process has undergone a massive improvement, and you are now able to construct real works of art with your tiles, there is really no reason why you shouldn't incorporate this into your garden design.

At this point, I have to say something about mosaics, just in case the reader is not familiar with the term. So, a mosaic is a work of art that is made by aligning several small pieces of material into one big mosaic construction. It, kind of, works just like those puzzles with a lot of pieces that you put together in order to make a bigger picture. The only difference is the fact that a mosaic artist has the final picture in his or her head, and he or she is the one that makes and shapes every single piece of the mosaic, and then combines it using several different means.

Now, imagine a tile as a piece of the mosaic and the tiling process as the art of mosaic making and you will yourself get the “big picture” of what I am trying to say. In your garden, you can make all those pathways and terraces made as a mosaic tile construction. Take glass mosaic tiles as an example. I have chosen them because they are very easy to col or, which makes them ideal for making, well, anything you want to make. Just imagine walking out of your front door and stepping on a path that is made out of glass coloured in all colours of the rainbow, and it is reflecting the sunlight and making a marvelous “light show”, as your family is waving goodbye to you, while you are going to work. Keep in mind that the glass used in mosaic tile making is not the fragile glass that is used in window making, of course. It is, actually, very durable.

Another place that you can fill with a mosaic tile construction is the pool area, if you are fortunate enough to have a pool. Imagine a big mosaic work of art that is installed on the bottom of your pool, and normal, single-coloured tiling on the walls and around the pool. When the sun is shining and the water is clean, the image on the bottom will be nothing but amazing and breathtaking. Naturally, you have to keep the water in your pool as clean as possible for this to work as it should, but have no worry, because there are loads of appliances available for purchase on-line and in your local stores, that will do all the pool cleaning processes for you (you do have to put in a little effort).

Life is stressful nowadays, and we have to invest in making our living environment be as beautiful and soothing as it can be, so that we improve the quality of our relaxation period, because there is no time to work on the quantity it, and we can all agree that it is necessary in order to “make it” in today’s world. Do not stop at this article, and continue browsing, clicking and scrolling, so that you can find loads of advice on what to do with your home and garden. When you have finished the design process, and you have got the hang of the maintenance process, you will be able to enjoy relaxation to the fullest.

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