Thursday, 24 January 2013

Splendid art for every day view

Besides those very practical things that we use in each and every one of our lives, there are those which are only beautiful and serve no practical purpose other than looking at, or listening to, and enjoying whatever is found in just that. Music, paintings, statues, photographs - they are all part of that very important domain of our lives, the domain that focuses on beauty. This domain is Art, with a capital A, due to its inexpressible beauty and value. There is no need to further point out its significance, we are all aware of that. I only need to say that all of us should devote at least a bit of our time to it. It certainly needs not be a problem.

A regular person sets aside some of his or her time and money for art. By buying, for example, some nice statues to decorate our rooms, or some expensive paintings for our walls, or even going as far as getting an old, beautiful house built in some 19th century architecture, we make a statement. Unfortunately, too few of us have enough financial resources for such prohibitively expensive things. So, in essence, most of us are satisfied with just getting a small little figurine to put in our collection or start a new one. All of that can be considered as a product of art, and none of it has any practical purpose in our lives. We can’t really say why we want those things, but we all know that we do. So, let’s just leave it at that and simply continue buying them and filling our houses and apartments with them like we have been doing up until now.

Now, I find it very odd when people don’t decorate their entire homes. Since you started decorating your house, you should do all of it. Not just the rooms in which you spend most of your time in or just the rooms in which you let your guests come in. Beautifying your house should be, first of all, for yourself, and not just for others. So, pay attention to the rest of the rooms of your house, even if that means decorating your own bathroom or your kitchen. You think that’s silly? And why is that? It makes sense to decorate the rooms in which you spend a lot of your time in, so you can feel better in them, as you’ll have something nice to look at. And you definitely spend enough time in those rooms. So go ahead and decorate them!

If you do want to beautify these rooms then think about getting some nice tiles which are a good part of them. Since there is not enough room for pictures or statues and figurines, why not get some picturesque tiles instead. The best solution is buying some mosaic tiles, because, believe it or not, that too is art. There are all kinds of mosaic tiles, and they all look wonderful. From glass mosaic tiles which really look good in bathrooms or spas, to stainless steel mosaic tiles that shine very bright. I found out that these tiles also look very good in a pool, and to see how the light of the sun and the water itself reflects off of them is amazing. If not glass, there are also stone and marble mosaic tiles which look really good on feature walls. Then, there are even some, previously mentioned, stainless steel tiles, if you wish to break from the traditional ones and go for some modern looking ones. Besides the above mentioned there are also mixed kinds, for example glass and metal mosaic tiles mixed together. That can also be nice for your bathroom walls.

All of this may sound a bit less artistic when you think of it, but trust me, when you see it, you’ll change your mind (I know I did). Also, you can see some great mosaic tile designs here. Magical little contraption this internet, it never disappoints. After you get some I’m sure that all those hours spent in the kitchen preparing something, or in the bathroom, well, doing your business, won’t have to be colorless and without art around you. It is, simply better to live that way.

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