Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mosaic Tile Ideas

If you are a proud homeowner, you are most probably aware of the significance of the tiling process that is done mainly in bathroom areas and areas near the stove and sink in the kitchen. Of course there are cases where people have introduced mosaic tiling in other parts of their living premises. Actually, with the number of materials available and the infinite number of ways in which you can align the pieces, there is actually nothing that you cannot accomplish. Feel free to let the creative juices following, and make sure that you don’t overdo it, because everything that is overdone is, in plain words, just bad.

In the following piece of text I will provide you with some mosaic tile ideas that I have come across while browsing the net, and you can use these ideas in order to come up with your own. When you finish reading this article you will be amazed at what your possibilities are, and I hope that you will have a blast. So, without further ado, here they are:

1      The first design that I am going to show you is, as you can see in the picture below, a bathroom design. I have chosen this design not only because it is magnificent, elegant and stunning (at least in my opinion), but because it shows how you can create complex images using very small pieces of material. If you think of your wall as a black page on your computer, then each piece is a pixel. So, therefore, if you have more individual but small tiles, you can do wonders. However, in order to make this kind of construction you will need a good tile installer, and sufficient funds. But, if you have the means, by all means go for something like this and use it for your own home design improvement.

2      The next item on the agenda is a very unique and interesting kitchen splash-back design. This is, as far as I can tell an advanced form of art, and it shows you that you have the possibility to go out of the limb and copy some famous art piece in front of your stove. If you are a person who has taste and appreciates art and what art represents, and you have such a thing in front of you while you cook, I assure you, cooking will have an entirely new dimension. Take a good look at the picture, and consider your options.

3      Earlier, I said that the kitchen and the bathroom are not the only places where you can put a mosaic construction. The picture below is an elegant garden design with a rock mosaic. When I said that there are loads of materials that you can use, I meant it. The most conventional ones are porcelain and ceramic, but there are also materials like, stainless steel and, obviously, rock. Feel free to check out all these materials, how they look, and maybe even consider using several materials for one and the same mosaic construction, which can be very great, come to think about it.

4      The picture below is the last example on the list. Now this is a very uncommon place for mosaic tiling but it proves the point that you can incorporate a mosaic tile installation anywhere in your home and that it will look good. Again, I am advising you to explore the possibilities. You can put it behind the TV, or you can put it on the floor. Maybe you can put it on the ceiling. You can have your favorite photos put behind a glass mosaic tile, so that you can protect your wall and still have your entire life story incorporated in it, to constantly remind you of the good times. As I said, the number of options is infinite.

To conclude, there are loads of ways to beautify your home and mosaic tiling may be just the thing you need. If your home is just the way you like it, then you can just kick back and let all the worries go away. Nowadays, rest is something that we all need, and as we progress in life, the more rest we need. Make your home the best place in the world for you, and there will be no problem. 

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