Monday, 30 September 2013

Top benefits of swimming pools

Swimming offers activating and working all of your muscles without an impact to your bones (skeletal system). This happens because, when in water, your body is much lighter than usual. When you dunk yourself to the neck, your weight is just ten percent of your actual weight. Activating all of your muscles without pressuring your bones is ideal especially for older people. If you want to lose weight or if you have sore joints or muscles, a swimming pool is the only place you can work all those problems out. Other that this obvious one, here are a couple of more very interesting benefits that swimming has (the ones you've probably never thought of!). After finding out, there will be nothing else that you should think about other than getting yourself a swimming pool and starting a much healthier life. So, here we go.

A flabby dolphin – no, no, no! A healthy heart – yes, yes, yes!

You have definitely never seen a flabby dolphin. That would simply be impossible. We took the example of a flabby dolphin (as a joke) just to make a comparison and help you realize how efficient swimming actually is. All water animals have smooth skin and all of their muscles are strained. This happens because of the power of swimming, what we already mentioned in the beginning. Swimming activates all of your muscles (unlike running for example, where only a half of them are doing something). The healthiest benefit of swimming is that it activates and improves the most important muscle in our bodies – the heart! Not only does our heart become bigger, it starts having a more efficient pumping process. This also leads to better blood circularity. Now, just ask yourself this question: Is there a healthier thing on earth than a morning swim?

 Inspiration for breakfast

Swimming pools don’t only have to represent a place where you can work out and become healthier. You can also get inspiration from your swimming pool, and here you can find out how. Design your swimming pool right! If you still haven’t heard of mosaic tiles, it’s about time you do. With mosaics (which are a very old and famous as art pieces), you can make your swimming pool be an “oasis” where you will not only release yourself from stress, but also get fully inspired. Art has been the best inspirational tool throughout many centuries and nowadays, you can find excellent swimming pool mosaic tile designs! If you want your designs to be more complicated and unique, you can design something yourself.  With swimming pool mosaic tiles, you will make your pool very easy to maintain, aside from it being good looking. Because, when it comes to swimming pools, it is equally important that you pay attention to pool maintenance as you do to the pool design. These tiles aren't slippery (when in contact with water) and they are rust-resistant. Useful tip – when you decorate your garden and the area around the pool, never plant flowers too close to the pool (all the dead leaves can get inside and cleaning that every day can become very tiring).

Doctor almighty

Those suffering from asthma should make swimming pools be their best friend. Swimming helps avoiding asthma attacks. Swimming also helps improve the levels of cholesterol in your body; it lowers the LDL (also known as bad cholesterol) and increases the HDL (also known as good cholesterol). Those suffering from diabetes can get many benefits from swimming, too. By managing to swim about 30 minutes per week (three times a week, ten-minute training) you can burn up to 900 calories. Studies have shown that all professional swimmers never die prematurely. We can freely paraphrase this and say that swimming actually helps you live longer.

The socializing power of swimming pools

Having a barbecue in your backyard and inviting friends over is a classical Saturday gathering. Wouldn't I be lovely to have a swimming pool where your kids could swim and play while you (the elders) are preparing the food?

To sum up, having a swimming pool is a bit of a luxury but it is the most cost-effective thing you can invest in. You get to be healthier, you get to live longer and you get to have something like a therapist in your own backyard. If you feel stressed – just go for a swim.

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