Thursday, 12 June 2014

The best ways to decorate your garden with tiles

Real marble tiles look unique and beautiful as it comes in shades variations and whirling patterns and therefore you need to be careful at the time of installing these tiles to ensure that only the same patterns marble tiles are used for decorating your garden. You should get the tiles from same original batch to make sure that the pattern matches with each other. Marble tiles like the rest of the stone tiles also need high maintenance and thus you need to clean and seal it regularly. While cleaning, you should use mild detergents or products that have been designed for marble.

If you are wondering about the best ways todecorate your garden with tiles than you will need to follow these tips. It is not essential that bigger tiles are better but it is a fact that bigger tiles can be installed easily. If you have large tiles for your garden, the installation process simpler and quicker as compared to the smaller tiles.

Thus you need to select the pattern that you like so that you can get it installed in your garden for enhancing its overall appeal. It is also very important to have a flat subfloor in order to have a successful installation. You can also have self leveling subfloor compound, if you want to install the tiles in your garden yourself. The other very good options are cement or plywood backer board. You should have a minimum one inch thick subfloor to have successful and best quality installation. Thin set is used for keeping tiles up on floor as it also helps in avoiding imperfections on the subfloor. There are a large variety of thin sets that are used for the application of the tiles but latex modified thin set are ideal for ceramic tiles. These sets only need water so the successful installation of the ceramic tiles.

But you should only mix the quantity that is required or that you will use within one hour of mixing otherwise the installation job becomes very difficult. If there are cutting corners in your garden then you will need to rent wet saw for cutting the tiles. If you desire to have a modern and unique look for the paving project in your garden then you will need the help ofnatural stone tiles and pavers. This is a very high quality product which comes in a large variety of colors of this natural stones like limestone, sandstone, granite and travertine. It adds a touch of uniqueness and beauty to your garden along with enhancing the overall appeal of your home.

You should always devote quality time for the installation of the tiles as if you are in a hurry, the job can be spoilt. If you want to create perfect gaps in between the tiles you will need to user plastic spacers that come in different sizes relating to the sizes of the tiles. You should always have extra tiles in case if tiles breakdown during installation as ceramic tiles are very brittle and with a hit from a hard object it tends to break down.

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