Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Waterjet Marble 'Medallion' Floor Tiles

ExoTiles can now supply custom made marble floor features and deliver to anywhere in the world.

Waterjet marble 'medallions' as they are called are made using a computer controlled machine which cuts the stone with a very fine jet of high pressure water. The waterjet can cut stone of thickness's up to 35mm with ease. This method allows for very high levels of accuracy, so much so, that the pieces will slot together like a jigsaw puzzle with no gaps at all.

These tiles can be made from solid stone or a composite of stone bonded to an underside layer of ceramic. Composite made medallions are cheaper and equally strong. Some people do not like the idea of it being glued to ceramic so they can choose to have it made from 100% stone if they wish.

These marble medallions are ideal for hotel lobby, shopping centre, hospital or many other applications.  Designs can be custom made including logos or anything else.

Check out the Mural Mosaic category on the ExoTiles website for a guide on pricing.

Here's some videos of how it works.

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