Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mosaic Tile For The Bathroom? Why not?

Haven’t you tried it yet? Don’t be left in the dust. Be modern. Be chic. Go mosaic for your bathroom. Perhaps you may have heard some interesting facts about mosaic tiles. Your entire home will certainly look very attractive with them, not only your bathroom.

Bet you might have known that these materials only look best in backsplashes in bathrooms and kitchens, adding colour, providing fun and zest. Sad to note, not too many people are aware of the benefits of mosaic tiles in bathroom as well as other spaces in your home.  

The Versatility of Mosaic Tiles

Not only are mosaic tiles a fantastic way to add a splash of colour to or highlight your bigger tile. Rather, they also give a really gorgeous visual pop to your bathroom, or any room for that matter. There’s nothing more aesthetically fulfilling than seeing an eye-catching collage composed of tiny tiles forming an intricate and cohesive pattern.

Versatile as they are, mosaic tiles can be installed in practically all rooms in the house, not only bathrooms and kitchens. You can go as far as your creativity will bring you. Use them for backsplashes, on countertops, in the showers, even outside the house like the entryways.

Visit our store today to see our complete line of assorted tiles. We provide lots of interesting options to help you create your own magnificent patterns. With just the right mix of sections of pre-meshed glass, granite, marble, slate or travertine, and you design something that can make a room brighter and wider.

The very luminescent nature of glass mosaic tiles enables them to reflect light to brighten up your room. Their non-porosity make them stain, mould and mildew-resistant. Further, grime stains on glass tiles are no problem either. You can clean them easily by wiping them with a damp washcloth. 

Once you see a build-up of soap scum in your bathroom, clean it up using a mild vinegar solution. What’s more, if an individual tile on the mesh is damaged, simply cut the bad tile out and replace it with an extra tile.

Blended Mosaics For Better Depth And a More Dramatic Flair

If you didn't know it yet, yes mosaic tiles can be blended. A popular trend in home interior designing today is the blending of glass tiles and mosaics, which many consider a very fashionable option.

According to ‘beauty experts’ in the construction industry, the biggest advantage of using mosaic glass tiles is the stunning look that can only be achieved with an accurate installation.
A certified tiler can expertly produce intricate patterns by just simply arranging glass tiles or a mix of glass and natural stone.

For more interesting bathroom tile ideas, you need not look farther and beyond. ExoTiles is just a click away. Browse the pages of this website. 

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