Sunday, 28 June 2015

Wall Tile Idea – Why Not Glass Mosaics?

Need a room makeover in your own home?  Yes, you can and don’t make it just an ordinary one. Choose mosaic tiles - a practical and exquisite covering for the walls in your bathroom and kitchen backsplashes as well.

Yes, why not mosaic tiles? They make for a colourful and cheerful décor for rooms and other spaces in your house. Good news is, they come in various materials – stone, ceramic, glass, sea shell or stainless steel so you really have a lot of beautiful arrays to choose from.

If you want your walls to carry an impactful design, then mosaic it is. By just replacing a tile or two here and there in your kitchen or bathroom with attractively-designed mosaic tiles and VOILÀ!  You come up with a stunning creation!

These materials are extensively offered in a wide variety of colours. Meaning, you can always pick something that suits your taste – and budget. Besides being fun to work with, mosaic tiles are now readily available within easy reach.

Just make sure though, to shop around and get the best deals. Otherwise, you can come visit our gallery for alluring and pretty tile ideas for walls, floors, ceilings, roof and anywhere else.

Why Glass Mosaic Tiles?
You can be creative with any mosaic styles and design any look you desire with them. Glass mosaics are cheaper than stone and about the same price as ceramic. Many are now using it to create great mosaic masterpieces. Because glass is quite solid once the tile is laid, this wouldn't scratch under normal use.

For an exhilarating interior design, why not integrate even just a few pieces of glass mosaics? A truly attractive and one-of-a-kind look will likely be the outcome. Here, let’s take a look at some of the perks and drawback of using glass mosaic tiles, such as:

A multitude of attractive looks - As mentioned earlier, you can have an endless creativity with glass mosaics. Choose the right size, colour, the suitable mix – and that depends on your budget. For a more interesting outcome, combine glass mosaics with ceramic or stone and you get a more well-defined look.

A larger and more vibrant feel - Glass tiles reflect light, the reason why your room will look bigger and brighter. Your indoor ambiance will truly be enhanced with glass mosaics. When done right, be assured of a unique charm and elegance to your rooms. To be sure, always consult a professional tiler in your area. Otherwise, contact ExoTiles and never go wrong with your installation.

The Trouble With Glass Mosaic Tiles

Tiles are only as strong as the base in which they sit atop of so until glass mosaic tiles are laid they are vulnerable. Glass is without a doubt, fragile. So, utmost care must be observed when handling such material. 

For all its benefits, why worry when there’s ExoTiles that can make things easier for you? We know of qualified experts who can provide you with plenty of wall tile ideas. Give us a call today so we can start to move things up, that is – beautify your home.