Monday, 30 September 2013

Decorating Done Right

People think that house decorations only include vases and ornaments. They clutter the apartment with plants or too many little sculptures and the result of that is – less place to live in, still not creatively decorated. They usually don’t pay attention to the walls, for example. Sometimes having white walls everywhere in your house is what makes it look dull. Here are some useful tips (most of them can even be done singlehandedly).  


Decorating your garden is probably the easiest. You should just get a lot of plants in different colors. Be careful here, if you don’t organize them right and space them uniformly, your garden might start looking like a circus. You can buy a small fountain. This is both decorative and stress reducing. You can turn and old window into a picture frame and hang it somewhere on the bungalow, or you can just put it next to the fountain. And, last but not least, you can dress up garden entrances. This will have a lovely effect on both you and your guests.


Bathroom is a place that can’t quite be decorated with ornaments. The main role in the bathroom decorations is played by tiles. Get mosaic tiles and all your problems with decorating the bathroom will be solved. You can get stainless steel mosaic tiles (easy to clean, fungi resistant), or you can get glass mosaic tiles (highly decorative, easy to clean, corrosion resistant). Getting regular tiles is fine too, but then you would have to worry about corrosion, and changing the whole set of tiles when they do start corrode opens up a big pile of work, which you can avoid forever by simply getting tiles that are made out of a good material. 

 Living room

The living room is a room for pictures. You will not need wallpapers or any other indoor wall applications. Just arrange the pictures and photos you love the most (but don’t exaggerate). An aquarium is great for the living room, because the living room is a place where you can read a book or watch TV, and the sound of an oxygen pump making bubbles in the aquarium will help you relax while doing all of these things. Also, a few plants would be nice. Just be careful and make sure you place them somewhere where light can reach them during the whole day.


Be careful with the kitchen. Splashbacks are a necessity here. When you prepare food, all sorts of liquid mixtures could spray the walls, and those stains are usually impossible to clean. This is why tiles and splashbacks are something you just can’t avoid when it comes to the kitchen. If you really want to make your kitchen so nice that cooking in it becomes a form of enjoyment, decorate your kitchen using these shell mosaic tiles.


Remember that your bedroom decorations will be the first thing you see when you wake up. So, when it comes to decorating the bedroom, try to make it as elegant as possible. Don’t put too many colors (two basic colors would be perfect). Get transparent curtains for this room, because you don’t want to wake up in the dark. Get a scented candle and light it from time to time. Smell is, next to sound, one of the best stress reducers.

The basement

The basement doesn't need decorating at all. The only thing important about the basement is that you keep it clean and tidy. Get rid of old stuff from time to time. If you over clutter it, you won’t have space for the new-old thing that you decided to take to the basement. If you don’t know how to get rid of all that old stuff you don’t use anymore at all, here’s a useful tip – put an advertisement on the Internet that you are selling those things. Make someone else happy and help yourself with one move! Other than that, a garage sale is a good option too. Put mice traps in the corners, just in case.

It is always cool to be the designer of your own home, just don’t get carried away. The last thing you want to do is over-clutter your house.

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