Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Brain is a Wonderful Thing...

There's this thing called life in which you do things, or you don’t, but even if you don’t, you’re still doing something, and that’s doing nothing. I’m kidding, you shouldn't be like that since life will go through being boring, to being too boring, to being “I want to kill my self” boring. I guess that that last stadium is definitely the end. After that there is no going back, so please do not be like that. You should do things, from those you want to do, to those you do not. They are all part of life. One might think that life should be all work, all the things you don’t want to do are supposed to be the only things you do, or one might think that life should be all play, only doing things you want to do, nothing hard to do, only the easy stuff, but both these dudes would be terribly wrong. You are supposed to find balance – both these things must be done; that’s just the way life is and there must be bad aspects in order for there to be good ones, and vice versa. You think I’m wrong? Do you honestly think that good would be called “good” if there were no bad things? The word itself would lose meaning. Two sides of the same coin will always exist, and that’s the way life is and each and every one of us has to accept it and move on through life.

By doing things in life you create your life in a way. Those things that you do – these things are part of your life and they are your life. Each and every one of them is a part, no matter how big or how small, they still are. They might not all be important, but they are still part of it and should be treated as that.

But as it always is, nothing is that simple. You always need to consider what you’re doing. Are you supposed to do it? Is it ok to do it? Is the thing I’m doing bad for someone or something? And many more other questions. Thankfully, we usually can answer all of these questions, it might be hard, but it is still doable.

So many things are done in life, and it’s hard to keep track of all of them. That is unfortunate really, and it would be nice if we were able to remember everything, or, what I actually mean, it would be great if we were like computers with hard disks and whatnot. That way, remembering something would be as easy as typing whatever you want in the search bar. But this way, I guess that the process of learning some knowledge would lose its actual meaning. What would teachers do since there would be no more schools, as they too would lose their meaning and necessity? I guess that this scenario would be heaven to do youngest of us, but not to many other, older people. But, who knows, maybe this scenario would not be so bad...

The good thing is that in so many cases, the things you do, you don’t really need to remember them. Many things we do are just generative, little things that you only do and need not think about them further. Thus it is good that our brain can remember an important thing much easier than some other, less significant thing. Those little things get stored somewhere in the brain, I guess, and remain there forever, without ever being “taken out” again. Our brain is a powerful thing, since it knows what is needed and what is not. It also knows to store, or better said, suppress some memories which can only bring pain to us, and much more. But it certainly isn’t perfect since we don’t have easy access to anything inside of it. However, nothing is perfect. Not even our brains, which are often described as perfect machines.

One of the things that your brain doesn't store and which is also almost completely not worth remembering and irrelevant is home design. You will be spending most of your future in the space you arranged, but you certainly need not remember the very process of arranging your home, right? Unless something out of the ordinary happens during that time, like your wife calling you at home to tell you that she is in the hospital giving birth or someone else calling to tell you that someone you hold dear has just passed away, God forbid, or something along those lines. But, usually, that time goes along without much happening. You just can’t wait to finish it all so you can finally enjoy your new home.

One terrible part of this so-called job are the walls, but to be more precise, the walls in the kitchen and bathroom most usually, and what to put on them. It isn't as simple as painting them in the same color as the rest of your house. No, you have to put tiles on them, and you have to make them withstand all the dirt that will be thrown at them in time. And I’m sure that you can guess that these two rooms are the ones that can get the dirtiest.

But what if you were able to make these specific walls prettier, and more memorable and more important to you? Well there is a good way to do that and it involves putting mosaic tiles. Yes, these things exist and they are art! They are wonderful, and you should consider them. From stainless tiles made of steel to wooden tiles, or even sea shell mosaic tiles - you can have all kinds. Possibilities are numerous and all are worth it. All that you get you will be able to do wonders with! You can even create patterns and images from these tiles. A lot of things can be done and this part of your job could get interesting or even worth remembering.

When you look at this example, maybe it is possible to make seemingly unimportant events memorable...

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