Thursday, 28 March 2013

Changing Yourself Means Changing You and the Things around You

Many people get bored at one point at their lives, knowing that some kind of change is inevitable. That is why women sometimes dye their hair, change their hairstyles or even go and tattoo themselves. That is also the reason why men change their vehicles, change their hairstyle or even go and tattoo themselves. Yes, I know that there are things in common that both men and women do in order to make some important change in their lives. You will notice, however, that these changes always have something to do with styles. So, here is a proposition: instead of changing your body and appearance, it is much better to change your surroundings. But this word – surroundings – sounds like a very broad term, and when I say it, I mean your home in particular. Our body and our clothes sure do represent who and what we are, but the second most important things that define us as individuals are our homes. (Maybe, our Facebook profile can come somewhere in between these two, but that is a topic for some other time.)

There are many ways to decorate your home. But the first thing that probably comes to your mind when I say decoration is probably those colorful New Year decorations. Well, I'm talking more serious stuff here. Maybe decoration is just the wrong word, so from now on I will say „home design“. There are people who have degrees in this particular job. Although it sounds easy, it is really much more than that. I'm definitely not one of those guys, but I will try to explain as well as I can the importance of this particular activity. Furthermore, I will focus only on one of them, which is the topic of this article. This kind of home design is called mosaic.

Have you ever seen the sun in your room?

Let me explain this title. Namely, there are certain mosaics that are made of tiles. Now, the term tiles is also a broad one. But the kinds of tiles we are talking about here are the ones that are similar to the ones you have in your bathroom. The only thing that differs is that these kinds of tiles used for mosaics can be made out of different materials. Their shape can also change a bit, and they need not necessarily be square-shaped. But, when we talk of materials, I feel the need to mention a few. There are tiles made of glass, stainless steel, wood or even stone. But the ones I like to talk about in this paragraph are those made of glass. The tiles made of glass are very specific because they are transparent. Mosaics that are made with this type are very stylish and sophisticated. When you put this kind of mosaic towards the sunshine, it can literally reflect it and have this beautiful glow to give off. That is the explanation to the title of this paragraph. So, if you are a type of person that enjoys sunshine and likes summer and hot weather, this is the right choice for you. Since I started this article with changes that will tell a slightly different story about ourselves, I can wholeheartedly say that the glass mosaic will present you as an extrovert, fun seeking and party loving person, who enjoys every bit of his life and dares not miss any opportunity that comes his way. It also says that you have simple taste and needs and that hedonism is your primary objective in life.

What will stainless steel say about you?

The second kinds of tiles I'm going to write about are stainless steel tiles, as the subtitle suggests. Now, they might not reflect the sunshine as the first one, but they certainly are very fashionable. Stainless steel mosaics are also very adaptable, because you can fit them practically everywhere. You can either put it in your bedroom and enjoy the beauty of it, or you can, for example, put it in your front yard and share the beauty with all the other neighbors and guests. It's all up to you. Now let's get to the part where this kind of mosaic defines your character. Stainless steel can certainly represent you in two completely different ways. If your room is dark and you add them to that dark room – this will say that you are an introvert who likes spending his time at home. You like reading books and watching movies. You do not have many friends, but those you have are very good ones. You like going to parties, but your favorite part is the one where you meet people outside the club, where the music is not that loud. On the other hand, if you fit stainless steel mosaic in, for example, a white room, with a lot of bright colors, that will say that you are a family person and that you like spending quality time with people that you are really close to. It may also say that you enjoy simple things in life, and that you find joy in interesting sports and hobbies. Believe it or not, stainless steel mosaics fit perfectly in a living-room with a fireplace and wooden, vintage furniture. But, then again, it is up to you to decide how are you going to place it and what message would you like to send to your friends.

There are, of course, several materials I haven’t written about and I hope that you became just a little bit more interested in this topic. But after all, if you are reading this article that means that you have internet connection. Therefore, Google it – there is a lot to read about on this topic, and that way you can also learn a lot about sending a message through the design of your house. Just remember, the most important thing in the world is who you are as an individual, and that is not achieved if you do not define yourself through the style of you and your surroundings.

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