Monday, 30 September 2013

Moving in With Style

You know the “Just married” sign on the back of a car, and a couple of empty cans rattling on the concrete? Lovely isn't it? This picture of a happy couple that has just vowed to spend the rest of their lives together is simply breathtaking.   At that moment, all that comes to mind is how exciting their honeymoon will be.  But, this picture has an expiry date, or in other words, no one can see the bigger picture right away. I mean, it’s not always that simple and beautiful. Moving in a new apartment (which will come shortly after) carries a lot of problems with it. For instance, what kind of furniture is the best for you, how will you paint the walls, which tiles will you choose, etc. Not to mention the decorations such as: curtains, carpets, lamps, vases and so on. In order not to get confused, you have to do things systematically. I suggest making a “moving in plan”.  The following steps should help you organize yourself better, but, of course, you can make some changes in regards to your taste, and you can add steps if you like. But here are the basics in the text bellow.

The “underwear” of the apartment

The “underwear” of the apartment would be the tiles, of course. Considering the fact that this is something you put once and it is rarely changed, you should be very careful. There is a huge variety of tiles, but here is one recommendation that will surely not let you down – Stainless steel! It was made back in 1913, by an English metallurgist Harry Brearly, who only wanted to improve riffle barrels, and he accidentally invented stainless steel. This was announced two years later in the New York Times and was a big revelation. Stainless steel means that it is resistant to corrosion and staining, which is exactly what you need in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The water in the bathroom or all sorts of liquid substances from the kitchen can easily damage any other type of tiles, but with stainless steel that’s not an option. Stainless steel is also used for bridges and even for making jewelry. This jewelry will never turn black and it will not oxidise. The beauty of it all is that you can play with it and make mosaics with stainless steel. Mosaics were first used a very long time ago. Some good examples were made in 4th century BC. So, this is a very old art direction that has stayed popular until today. And this makes a lot of sense, because mosaics are simply a combination of small, differently coloured pieces of steel, stone or glass and it is amazing how many interesting designs can be made that way. Here you can find a nice set of stainless steel tiles. Be creative, play with mosaics and find the artist in you!

The “suit” of the apartment

The “suit” of the apartment would be your furniture. When choosing the furniture, you can play all you want. Just make sure you get some nice colours that match your tiles or the colour of your walls. The most important thing is that the furniture is comfortable, and the second important thing is the design. This combination of green and white colours can inspire you:

Also, there’s never too much light, so get transparent curtains, or go for no curtains at all.

The “accessories” of the apartment

Here you’re on your own. Depending on the furniture, the accessories will come naturally. A good thing is to have an aquarium somewhere in the living room, because it is a well-known fact that aquariums can help you reduce stress. Also, another good tip – make sure your home is green enough, meaning you should have at least one plant in each room (except the bedroom). 

All in all, moving in and decorating your home is very important. Your home is the place where you spend most of your time and you should pay attention to how you will make it. Other than the quality of your furniture and tiles, the colours are equally important. Make sure you have enough bright colours and enough plants!

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