Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tile Murals – A Beautiful Inspiration

So many different types of tiles are made available today and they come with a variety of purposes. If you want your project to be right, then choose the appropriate types. If you think that only bathrooms and kitchens are tiled or decorated with murals in the past, think again. Today, almost every room in your house can have attractive tiles in them.

Mural mosaic tiles can now be found as decorations in bedrooms, living rooms, in swimming pools and so on. Think about this: if you tile your walls rather than use those alternative coverings, what a beautiful inspiration you will have right in your own home. 

Quality Hand-made Tiles Delivered To Your Door

Exotiles, the leading online tile supplier in Australia offers a wide selection of decorative wall tile murals, even single tile accents. Be glad to know that our products suit a range of wall applications. And these include - a feature wall, bathroom walls, splashbacks and more.

Our tiles are all hand-made piece by piece. Mosaic mural designs can be customised depending on your specification, and it’s only for you and your precious home.

Find a gorgeous selection of art and designs which you can’t find anywhere else. Learn from the professionals about various options for breath-taking tile projects. What’s more, we can refer you to skilled artists and designers that can turn the best photo you own into a tile mural of accent tile.

Mural Mosaic Tile Accents For A Beautiful Home

You’re free to choose from smooth surface ceramic, to glass tiles or tumbled marble natural stone tiles, and more. With a decorative wall tile mural added, your home can really create a statement. If you want a reproduction of original artwork, scenery, paintings, landscape, drawings, whatever it is that inspires you, then you’re going to have it, if that’s what you really want it to be, and more.

Let your friends and guests admire your personal taste and style with decorative wall tile murals and accent pieces from ExoTiles. You’ll be astonished with our large number of tile mural selections for kitchens, backsplashes and bathrooms.

Tile murals can be applied to backsplashes on kitchen sink or behind the stove, in the shower or tub, on tabletops, countertops, even around your swimming pool. Choose your own tile mural and backsplash designs when remodelling your home or building, and savour the lasting beauty a tile mural gives you.

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