Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Shell Mosaics and Mother of Pearl – Go Green In Your Home

What Is A Mother Of Pearl Tile?

Bet you didn’t think that shells will find a way into your home as a decor, right? Truth is, you’ll be contributing to the preservation of Mother Earth when you choose to go green with shell tiles. They make your floor or wall extraordinarily lustrous and natural-looking.
Have you ever heard of mother of pearl? Well it’s the shiny inner surface of shells particularly abalone, oysters and so on. Mother of pearl tile, also known by its other name - shell mosaic tile, is one hundred percent natural, and polished and processed by hand. A skilled craftsman can actually turn these materials into different forms like scallops, spirals, snails, among others. Fortunately, they come in wide range of colour, lustre and size.

Why Shell Tiles?
More and more people now prefer shell mosaics for their distinct classic beauty that no other tile material can provide. Perfect as a kitchen tile accent and as a bathroom tile backsplash, said products will give your bathroom or kitchen the iridescence and lustre of mother of pearl.
The materials could really be affordable hence if you want a full iridescent wall but, are kind of short of budget, the wise use of shell mosaic tiles can add sparkle to an accent. Make your home shine with them including your side table, mirror frames and the like.

Uses Of Mother Of Pearl Mosaic Tiles

Of course we are quite aware that these items go well for exterior (like in canopies or porch covers) and interior walls as well. Also good for interior floors with light traffic, shell mosaics are widely used in tabletops, countertops, shower walls, bathroom backsplashes, tub surroundings, even ceilings. Add glamour and extra shimmer to your bathroom by installing a feature strip of shell mosaics, without hurting your pocket.
These days, modern hotels, offices, bars, company halls, exclusive clubs, sports centres are decorated with mother of pearl tiles. In homes, these items give that extra sparkle not only to walls and ceilings but also to domes, columns, lavatories, garden landscapes and swimming pools.
Where To Get Them

ExoTiles’ selection of natural sea shell mixed with glass mosaic tiles is far from limited. Very suitable for any indoor wall applications like bathroom walls or kitchen splashback, our products are hand-made and customised based on your requirements.

Good thing – we don’t only sell but, we also provide professional advice and support to our dear customers. Browse the gallery for designs and give us a call. Let our team help you make a good decision when buying bathroom and kitchen tiles

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