Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Stone And Glass Tiles To Perk Up Your Bathroom Space

Ever thought of putting mosaics and stone tiles in your kitchen and bathroom backsplashes? Then, that would be the most perfect idea to complete your home renovation. If your walls have already become an eyesore, then transform them by refinishing with stone and glass mosaics.

Stone and glass tiles can certainly enhance the look of your bathroom with their sleekness. Incredibly durable, natural stone mosaics can further, make an ideal choice in completing your home. The soft hues make for the versatility of natural stone mosaic tiles as these can be used in all the rooms around your house.

What better way of getting natural stone mosaics than by contacting an online store like ExoTiles?  Ours is a large selection with a variety of designs and types to choose from. These include onyx, pebble, travertine and marble mosaic tiles, all hand-made and can be customised according to your specifications.

Glass Or Stone?

Choosing between the two could be a bit daunting. Before finally deciding what tile to use, bear in mind there are certain factors to consider. Attractiveness? Yes, both have similarly beautiful outcomes besides their being easy-to-clean as well as their suitability of use in wet zones.

Well, glass tile have this soft sheen that ceramic and stone tiles do not have. The lustre gives a distinct glow making your space bright. Translucent and shimmery, not to mention water-resistant, glass tiles come in neutral and bold colours.

Use them in your bathroom and be amazed at the bold statement it produces. A nice sparkling idea would be to turn your sink and vanity into a central point with such materials. Alternatively, you can also use glass tiles as a subtle backdrop to provide prominence to the other design elements in your bathroom.

As for stones, they may be polished but will still look natural with its colour. Granite tiles or river-rock stone can be polished because if not, they will look rough. Consult the professionals at ExoTiles to know if your stone will need a sealer coat to prevent stains and water marks.

Glass and stone tiles come glued to a mesh ready to be installed.

Ask ExoTiles on how to get creative with your layout. For more interesting bathroom and kitchen tile ideas, browse the pages of this site.  

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