Thursday, 28 March 2013

Let me Take You to the World of Modern Art

I am no expert when it comes to home decoration and other issues that involve style and taste. However, I made a thorough research on the net and found out a lot of interesting data that helped me decorate my home as best as I can and trust me, there are several aspects you should take into account, when it comes to home decoration. The comfort comes first. You don't want your home to look beautiful and to be total eye-candy, if your body cannot enjoy it. After comfort comes the usage of it. Let's face it, it is much better to have a sculpture that is a fountain at the same time, and you use it to drink water from it, than just a sculpture that stands in the corner of your room. However, this is totally optional. Finally, the look of the certain piece of decoration is taken into account. You should always pay attention what you put and where, because an ugly home, however comfortable, will not be appealing to the people who visit. Of course, there are some eastern techniques, such as feng-shui, that combine beauty and comfort, but they are mostly based on beliefs that are not really scientifically proven.

The art ages old gets a new form. Place tiles all over your house.

What I really want to focus on is the art of placing tiles and making mosaics out of them. You have probably seen on the television those big mosaics made out of small stones. Well, I'm not really talking about that kind of mosaic, but a more modern form. Tiles are nowadays produced in many materials, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, but we will talk about that, later. First of all I want to ask you this – where do you think you can place your mosaic made of tiles? Well, believe it or not – everywhere. There are tiles in the bathroom, and that is nothing new. Yours probably has tiles. However, you can take that to the next level of creativity and style and, for example, use painted tiles in your bathroom instead of boring one-colored ones. That way you will enjoy yourself more whilst using the bathroom and you will break the monotony that can sometimes be a feature of this part of the house. Now, lets move on to the other rooms.

Bedrooms can be very interesting if mosaic tiles are added there. There are the ones made of glass which literally glow if the light in the room is vivid. Can you imagine the feeling of waking up and facing the glowing mosaic made out of glass tiles. It is indeed like heaven on earth, and you just woke on the cloud that floats on the surface made of sunshine.

How about living room? I know it sounds weird at first, but there are people who add mosaic tiles even there. Tiles made of stainless steel can have a very calming effect, and its color fits almost every style of living-room. Whether you enjoy those old fashioned living rooms with a fireside and two rocking chairs, or you prefer those modern ones with big TVs and a lot of electronic devices, mosaics made of tiles will fit everywhere, especially those made out of stainless steel.

Finally, you can even take the decoration outside. If you live in a house and have a yard, and you don’t know how to decorate it, I suggest that you place mosaics. Of course, watch out that it fits the rest of the house when talking about design. My favorite one was the thing that my neighbor did with tiles. He placed them at the bottom of his swimming pool. He added some lighting beside it and it had this amazing glow even during the night.

A word or two concerning the materials out of which tiles are made

As the title suggests, and as I have mentioned before, tiles can be made out of several different materials. All of them have certain qualities that make them special in their own way. But whichever one you choose, it is important that the design itself possess certain quality. Because, believe me, I have stumbled upon very fragile ones which were literally breaking under the slightest pressure of my hands. You certainly do not wish your mosaic to fall apart after a week. Therefore, durability is very important. Now when it comes to stainless steel, durability is not in question at all. These kinds of tiles tend to last for decades and they do not even rust, as the name suggests. They are also not very difficult to maintain – you may need to clean it maybe once or twice a month, just to remove the dust and make sure that you can see your reflection in them.

There are also tiles made of stone. Now you have probably seen these more often than those made of stainless steel, but if the approach to combining them into a mosaic is unique, they can be pretty interesting. Although their durability is not as good as the durability of steel tiles, it is good enough if you pay attention

Finally there are tiles made of glass, which I, also, have mentioned before. Although you may think that this kind is the most fragile, it is not so. Namely, these kinds of tiles are designed so that the glass is so thick, it is almost impossible to break them.

To sum up, colors and styles are all mixed-up nowadays as the art suggests. Therefore, people have taken tiles from bathrooms and started placing them all around the house. Little by little it became an art on its own – the art of mosaic tiles. Although it existed long before, this approach is new, and these mosaics fit in each and every room. There are different materials to choose from, and different shapes and figures to be made out of tiles, all according to your own taste.

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