Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Feeling within You that can be woken up by the Art of Mosaic

Art has always been the most powerful thing that can play with emotions of people as well as with their sense of beauty. There is a whole branch in philosophy that is called „aesthetics“ which studies the ways we perceive beauty in things and people. As the ages change so does art and the approach that an artist makes becomes different, although the techniques do not change - just develop. There are, of course, some newer arts such as film or comic books, but the old ones are the ones I want to talk about. To be more specific, I want to write about mosaics and how they are used to decorate homes. I must warn you, I'm no expert at mosaics whatsoever, but I did a little research, in order to understand what is the purpose of it and how can it be fit into today’s homes.

As I've mentioned in the introduction, the approach to art changes almost daily. A mosaic is also the part of this never-ending process. When it was invented as a form of art, artist used to gather small colored stones in order to build a picture. Although this material is still popular, people are finding new ones on a daily basis in order to make mosaics more unique. My friend, who is an artist himself, was collecting buttons from different shirts for five years and then he made a mosaic out of them. After that he simply made millions of small crunched colorful papers and later made another masterpiece. But then this expansion came, where mosaics suddenly became popular as a part of a house and home decoration. Many possibilities are available, but I'm going to concentrate and present only one of them – mosaics made of tiles. It may sound strange at first, but just look at your bathroom. The colorful tiles are probably making some sort of shapeless figure and enhance the pleasure of being in there. Just imagine how would it be if you are to transfer this kinds of mosaics into other parts of your house.

The kind of steel that never goes out of date

If you were to place a mosaic in, for example, your living room, the marble tiles that you use for your bathroom may not be the smartest choice. As I have mentioned, the approach has changed, and with the approach so have the materials. One of the possible materials that tiles for mosaics can be made of is stainless steel. Namely, stainless steel is said to last for eternity, but it is not its primary feature. When combined into a mosaic, tiles made of stainless steel can have a very sophisticated look. It can fit in almost every kind of living room, and can send both the message of a warm home that welcomes every guest and a modern one for a small isolated family. It is up to you to choose how you would like to fit it into the living room. The best feature of this kind of mosaics is that they never rust, as the name suggests. Cleaning it is important, but it will take you much less time than, for example, cleaning marble tiles in your bathroom. Stainless steel tiles can be very cold or very warm when you touch them, and that depends on the temperature level in your room. Since steel is a very bad conductor of temperature, it tends to keep the same temperature for a very long period of time.

Mosaic as a window to your soul

Now, you might wonder what kind of silly title is this. Well, believe it or not, there are mosaics that are made only of glass. Each tile is designed with a special technique that involves a lot of effort and sleepless nights, and each one is carefully measured and shaped so that they will give off the feeling of transparency. These kinds of tiles are not always square shaped - they can also have more of an oval form. When they are fit into a mosaic they simply shine. If you do not believe me, just put your mosaic against the window on the east, and when the sun starts to rise, and the light touches the mosaic, it will simply start to glow with this magnificent simplicity and style. I recommend putting this kind of mosaic in bedroom, although if you are not a morning person, this morning „glow“ can be a bit of a problem for you. On the other hand, if you like and enjoy sunny mornings, this is just the thing to do. Finally, these kinds of tiles look magnificent when you put them into a swimming pool (keep in mind though that if you do chose to put them in a pool, make sure that the pool is not filled with saltwater, since it can damage the tiles). If you combine it with neon lights, you will be able to make those playboy like parties that everyone dreams about. Just imagine it...

Two is always better than one

If you are one of those indecisive people, and you can't choose whether to put glass or stainless steel mosaic into your room, there is the third option for you. Glass and steel can be combined and an even more spectacular and magnificent effect can be achieved. You can have a bit of both – the glow of the morning sun and the style and endurance of stainless steel. However, if you are about to choose this option, I recommend to consult someone who already has some experience with home design, or even better – glass mixed metal mosaics. These kinds of decoration are not really expensive, but they certainly can't be very cheap. So, if you are about to spend money on this, do it wisely. Of course, you should also consult Google – the ultimate know-it-all. You should consult Google for everything, in fact.

To sum up, art can wake up the most sublime and the most powerful feelings in a human. You may not be aware of this, but art is all around you – even in your house. If you are to follow the flow of this river, I strongly recommend getting at least one mosaic made of tiles, because it is one of the latest and very popular kinds of art, and many people nowadays choose it to decorate their home this way.

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