Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ah, the Dreadful Cleaning

Have you ever been too tired of cleaning your house? Oh, isn't that a stupid question – of course you have! It's like that with everybody. The bigger the house, the more space and comfort for you, the more rooms for people, and so on and so forth, but also the more work there is when it comes to cleaning. You really can’t get around it. It has to be done, eventually. But procrastination is the mother of all work! That’s a joke and don’t support it, since it won’t do you well, even though it’s very tempting.

However, cleaning can become fun if you want it, no matter how much it’s tiresome and boring. Well, you can’t just wish for it to happen and expect some supernatural entity to respond, you have to work on it. You have to have a positive attitude about it. Frankly speaking, an attitude towards things is very important. You can make anything become fun if you are positive and optimistic about it. It’s really not that hard actually.

Start off with some music, for example. You can never get bored and tired whilst listening to your favorite band. And while you listen, you can still do things, like cleaning... Yes, cleaning of course – I have been talking about it since the start. Working while listening to music, yes, that can be good. And if you think that that will make you start hating your favorite band, don’t think like that – positive attitude, remember? It’s the key to all this and much, much more.

If music isn't enough, then, well, I don’t know what else can be. Because there isn't much you can do while you’re cleaning, as you know, it tends to employ most of your body. Your ears are kind of the only thing left that isn't doing anything. You can try watching television, but unless you have a TV on every corner, I doubt that you’ll be able to clean and watch it at the same time.

Oh, but look at me, being all negative and pessimistic, even though I told you how important a positive attitude can be. But that part about TV is just me being realistic – no pessimism involved there “unfortunately”. It would be great if you were able to watch your telly and work at the same time. However, since you can’t, you have to think about other things that can amuse you while you work. I gave you one example; I think that’s enough from me.

On the other hand, you can try avoiding cleaning whatsoever! Yes, it’s possible – not entirely, but at least to some degree. And by this I mean that you should look at getting things that don’t become dirty easily, or at least they get dirty but a bit less than regular stuff.

For example, don’t go with black furniture, especially black tables and such. No other color points out the dust and everything else possible as black does. Even if there’s not much dust, it sticks out and it really can’t go unnoticed. It’s a shame really, as this type of furniture is one the best looking ones. I’m sure you would agree. So, in this case, you have to choose: either you have the best furniture and clean it all the time, or you get some different furniture, the one that doesn't get dusty as much, and you don’t clean it a lot. It’s your decision.

When it comes to cleaning the house most of us momentarily think about the bathroom and kitchen, since these are the rooms that need the most cleaning and are the ones that get dirty much more than other parts of the house. Many can’t even do it, like me, so they get their partners, roommates, or even a cleaning lady to do it. This problem will, however, never go away, and it has to be done. So I've started implementing the idea I've been giving you all this time – a positive attitude. And, thankfully, it helped. It still disgusts me a lot, but it’s more manageable than before.

Yet, here as well, you can get a sink, toilet, bathtub, which doesn't get dirty as much as regular kinds. But besides this, there’s another thing more important. The walls, especially the ones in the bathroom, and the tiles on them, can get much more dirty and can even rust, at least the parts in between – you know what I’m talking about – and this cause more problems and more work than the rest of the bathroom altogether.

However, as always, there is a solution for this as well. Maybe it’s not what you would expect, but it does the trick. It did for me. I got those stainless steel tiles which are amazing and have solved the rust problem and the cleaning one as well. But what I actually did was get those pretty mosaic tiles, with colors and stuff. They are much prettier and they get dirty less. If not that, they are to pretty to leave unclean! There’s some motivation for cleaning. Yes, that actually became my solution.

I looked on-line, and there are many different kinds of these mosaic tiles. I got so infatuated with them that I had to get more, for the kitchen as well, and I was looking at other parts of the house to embellish with these magnificent things. What wonderful things I found! Stone tiles, I think these can be put on the outside of the house. Glass tiles and even those made of sea shells – how great is that? All of them are mosaics, so they are as pretty as these things can be.

So, all in all, I think I gave you some interesting ideas for cleaning and how to survive that dreadful “exercise”. I even gave you some ideas on how to beautify your home. What more do you want from me – more jokes? I’ll stop before you get bored completely and will tell you only one more thing. Actually I will repeat that one thing again – positive attitude!

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