Thursday, 28 March 2013

Breaking the Tediousness...

Have you ever thought about decorating your bathroom and kitchen, or some other unusual place? No? I thought so. But I am here to talk you into it because there are plenty of reasons why you should do it. And besides that, you shouldn’t be so skeptical, just because something sounds new and unusual to you it doesn’t mean that it is bad or not worthy of doing. Where would the world be if people had not been brave and done new stuff and tested new things, explored new lands, or simply done something out of the ordinary?

The answer is: nowhere. Without those brave souls the world would probably still be in the stone age, people would still be hunting animals instead of having them on their plates, they would be picking raisins and whatnot in the forest instead of buying all of them and much more in stores and they would be sleeping in cold, dark caves instead of comfortable, warm houses and apartments. That would certainly be a horrible world, am I right? We should be thankful to all those brave men for the beautiful world in which we live today. Take a few moments to thank them - just kidding…

Money should not be an issue!

Moving on... Decorating the kitchen can be a nice experience for you. This goes for other parts of the house which are usually ugly and normal, probably too normal if you ask me. You’ll get something different and new, something that people don’t usually have. If that’s not enough for you, you should go with the line which I love. It is a very good one actually, catchy and whatnot and it consists of these two words: why NOT??? I usually use it when people ask me: “Why would you want to do that?” and I’d answer: “why NOT?” And, seriously, why not? Are you going to get hurt? Are you going to lose something? Money perhaps? If the money is not there for you to buy things, why is it there anyway? Just spend it – it does nothing good just lying around your home for nothing. I’m not saying that you should spend it all, but you don’t need to keep all of it in a safe place forever. Money circulates! It’s what it does. It is not supposed to just lie around. If you have everything that is of life importance, and you have money left, spend it!

If that’s not enough, spend money because it is bad for us, it makes people greedy, bad, wicked. It has never done anything good. That’s one of the many reasons to spend it. Because of that, you need to hate it… Well, you don’t need to hate money entirely, but you should not love it. People should be loved, not money and things in general. That’s just wrong. Human life is priceless, not diamonds or whatever else is considered expensive in today’s standards.

Let’s cut to the chase!

Anyway, I have moved far enough from what I was originally talking about. So let’s get back to our homes and the rooms which we were talking about. Since I've been practically making you get things for those rooms I’ll now tell you what good can come out of that purchase, and you will be able to judge for yourselves if you should or should not buy the things. But what are those things anyway? Try and guess... These things exist in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Well, usually they do, not necessarily of course. You give up? I’m talking about tiles, naturally. But not just any tiles, because regular ones you probably already have, and these don’t really embellish anything, or beautify. I’m not calling them regular for no reason. The tiles in question are mosaic tiles. I wanted to talk about them. If you want to get something else to embellish the rooms in question, think of it yourself, don’t wait for me to discover it. I can’t think of everything.

Why get these pretty little tiles?

There are many reasons for it, the biggest and most important being that they are pretty; maybe even beautiful. One can go as far as calling them art. You should check up on some history and see for yourselves that mosaics have been a type of art since the very beginning. It doesn't really matter where they are – they are still art, even if they are on tiles. And since you have pictures and statutes already, why not have mosaics as well? And why not have them in the kitchen, or the bathroom for that matter?

If you are “owners” of those little bundles of joy called children, these can be good for you because children love everything that is pretty and this will be even more interesting to them as they are something you do not usually see. They will especially be interesting to them if they are in the bathroom as well – if not just for them, then for you too. You won’t have to bring the newspapers in the loo...

They can also be good in order to break the tediousness of your place; that is, if you don’t already have enough colors in your home. Even if you do, they can still add to those colors.

There are plenty more reasons to get these mosaic tiles and you don’t need to hear them, as these should be enough for you.

If you decide on getting them, you’ll have a lot of options, which is great. Search them online. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of choices. The choices usually involve different materials from which the tiles are made, materials like stone, glass, steel, and not just any steel, but stainless steel, and others. There are even beautiful shell mosaic tiles. You can also get them in different shapes and patterns, and even different colors. So, should I tell you more or are you going to find out for yourself?

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