Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tile up the Atmosphere in Your House

Many people nowadays tend to find new ways to decorate their houses. In the western countries, you can find decorations made out of old newspapers. You can read about the invasion on Libya while you drink your morning coffee. There is just this tiny, insignificant detail – thenewspaper is your wallpaper, and you are reading the news by watching the wallpaper. Besides this, I simply love those walls where people let an artist play with the paint. It really is eye-candy. However, sometimes you can just turn to the older methods of decoration and add something new in there.

Let's focus on mosaics. It has been an art for over a thousand years so far. People would just gather small pieces of stones, painted in different colors, and they would make wonders with it. But throughout history, the houses decorated with mosaics were those of rich people, aristocracy and noblemen. However, nowadays, although this kind of decoration is a bit more expensive, it is affordable by almost anyone who can afford the decorating a house in the first place. Now, you are probably doing a little revising in your head concerning the last mosaic you saw in one of your neighbor’s houses, but it seems that you can't vividly recall. Let me help you. Have you entered their bathroom? All those colorful tiles placed there, making a figure of some kind – that’s the form of mosaic art. As you know, not many bathrooms nowadays have simple white tiles, but rather painted ones that are combined together to look more impressive and more interesting.

However, what if I tell you that the mosaics made of tiles can be used all around the house and not just in bathrooms? There are different materials from which tiles can be made of: stainless steel, stone or even glass. With this kind of tiles, you can now easily decorate your living room, kitchen or even your bedroom. Now, you might wonder what is the purpose of placing tiles, when you can just put wallpaper there, or you can just paint on your walls. Well there are several things that I want to focus on when it comes to decorating with tiles.

First of all, let’s focus on protection. If you decide to decorate your kitchen with the tiles made of stainless steel, you will, first of all, get durability. As the name suggests, this kind of tiles can last for long, and many people choose this option, because they want their decoration to last. Stainless steel is very hygienic, because stainless steel is said to be a very clean material. If you, for example, prefer glass tiles over the other types, I can say that they are really easy to clean, because dirt is easier to spot. They do belong to the „more durable” ones, although they are not as durable as the ones made out of stainless steel, logically. If you can't decide which one to choose, there is also the third option – glass combined with stainless steel tiles. Some web-sites on the internet provide you with this kind of service. They combine the durability of stainless steel tiles and the beauty and cleanliness of glass ones, thus providing you with the ultimate mosaic tile pattern. There is also one more possibility – stone tiles. And, I think that it is not necessary to describe the properties of this kind of tiles. I'll just remind you that stone was one of the first materials used by people to build shelter.

There is the second aspect, when it comes to placing tiles in your house – design. Glass tiles, for example, are pretty luminous and can lighten up the atmosphere in the room. They tend to stress the light in the room and can be very relaxing for the human eye. I cannot tell you which is the best room to put this kind of tiles in – they simply fit everywhere. You can put them in your bedroom and wake up with glorious lighting in front of your eyes, or you can put them in your garden and amaze neighbors with the powerful glow that your home gives off. Glass tiles can also be placed in your pool or in your bathroom. Although that seems like a cliché, sometimes it is much more than that. Sometimes well placed mosaic tiles become art. Stainless steel is usually placed in kitchens and bathrooms, but with the new era in art, people have started experimenting and placing the tiles all over the house. And stainless steel can both give you the sense of light and a friendly atmosphere or a sense of a dark and gloomy one. So, if you are one of those people who prefer solitude over friendship, and who actually enjoy darkness, stainless steel can be an ideal solution for you. Finally, stone tiles can make you feel like you live in a medieval castle, or like you live on the USS Enterprise, exploring space – the final frontier. The possibilities are unlimited with glass mixed metal mosaics, you just need to use your imagination and have a certain perception of reality.

You can always Google more for this kind of decoration – it is not something new – but the approach itself is changing rapidly nowadays and more and more people are getting interested in this kind of decoration as an art form. There are people whose job is to overcome this basic usage of tiles as protection and who make art out of them. You may not require their special services if you are skillful enough and if your imagination is powerful enough. However, if you are new to this type of art, it is always necessary to consult someone with more experience.

To sum up, tiles that form a mosaic are not only popular in bathrooms anymore. With the 21st century come 21 (and more) ways of placing tiles in other rooms in your house, not only as protection but also as decoration. You may try different materials and in different rooms, and although it seems at first that there are only several options, the combinations are basically limitless. Every material has its own perks and flaws, and every material is unique in its special way.

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